KEF Q900 Hi-Fi / Home Theatre Floorstanding Tower Speakers (Pair)


SAVI Systems presents the KEF Q900 Uni-Q Floorstanding Tower Speakers

So you have a large or open plan space to fill?

You like listening to Movies and Music so the room shakes?

The Kef Q900 speakers deliver a sound that is full, room-filling, controlled and nearly unheard of at their price point.

There are three floor-standing speakers in the Kef Q series range, the Q900 speakers sit at the top of this range and really are renowned for their amazing Bass authority and high power handling (up to 200W). These  towers look great and sound great in nearly any room, and add a level of bass heft and room filling volume that you don't get from smaller speakers. These speakers look classy and perform to a stunningly high quality.

The multi award winning design utilises an array of four 8" Kef drivers which helps these full sized towers deliver a room filling,deep and accurate sound. The Kef Q900 speakers are designed to sound best in a medium or even larger sized or open plan living - whether it is as front speakers in a home theatre/cinema or as a pair of main speakers for 2 channel Hi-Fi music listening. The Kef Q900 towers will fill your room with a clear, warm, flowing and spacious sound that has an amazing Bass that goes down to 32Hz - you barely need a sub-woofer. These tower speakers punch way above their class for both movies and music - utilising the four 8" drivers to really shift some air so you can feel the music / movie soundtrack. Helped with the even dispersion of the Uni Q driver, the whole family can enjoy high grade, clear gutsy home entertainment sound for both movies and music. If you like your sound BIG, these are the speakers for you.

KEF Q900 Home Theatre | SAVI Systems Perth


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