KEF Q400b Q Series Home Theatre 10" 200W Subwoofer


SAVI Systems presents the KEF Q400b Subwoofer

At the heart of the Q Series KEF active home theatre sealed subwoofer lies a powerful 200W Class-D amplifier. This gives authority to power the high quality 10" Kef bass unit to high levels and low frequencies for a smooth and musical bass.
The sealed cabinet offers high levels of rigidity and ensures a tight, controlled bass.
A three-position bass boost (EQ) control allows adjustment of the Q400b's response to compensate for different room acoustics and personal preference. Combined with the crossover and volume controls, plus th eoption of RCA line level or Speaker High level inputs and you have an eminently universal subwoofer.
The KEF Q400b Subwoofer is equally at home whether you are using it to extend the Bass in a natural way for music, or whether you are integrating it into a Home Theatre package to provide that Hollywood excitement to all the movies you watch.

Power is nothing without control but, with the KEF Q400b, you can be quite confident in having them both.
KEF Q Cinema | SAVI Systems Perth
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