KEF T101 Home Theatre Speaker (Pair)

The KEF T101 speakers are designed to match the aesthetics of the current generation of flatscreen televisions, being a mere 35mm deep. But their modest profile doesn't come at the expense of performance. They deliver a full, strong performance and create an impressive soundstage. Ideal for discreet home cinema surround sound applications, the T101s are superb entertainers.

The T series of speakers from KEF are all incredibly thin thanks to bass and midrange speakers which use a twin layer flat diaphragm instead of a cone. Other tricks employed include decreasing the height of the magnets and moving the suspension out of the magnets. Everything adds up to a speaker which is significantly slimmer but which still sounds as good as a quality conventional design.

The T101s come with mounting stands for placement on a bookshelf or desk. These have the Selecta-mount system built in. This adjusts the speaker's sound balance, particularly in the bass range, depending upon whether it is mounted on a wall or stand. The result is reduction in the unwanted bass effects which can occur when certain speakers are mounted on the wall.

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