KEF E305 Home Theatre 5.1 Uni Q "Egg" Speaker System

SAVI Systems presents the Kef E305 Award Winning Discrete 5.1 Speaker System

The multi award winning E305 "egg" 5.1 speaker system from KEF is a discretely sized satellite/subwoofer system. This system has a beautiful and sleek clean appearance that blends in to look great in nearly any room style or decor. 

The size of these mini marvels make them amazingly easy to integrate into your living space as a full surround sound / home cinema system without dominating the room yet sounding far better than most similarly discrete solutions.

The E305 satellite "Egg" speakers feature the latest in KEF's Uni-Q speaker technology. This unique Kef speaker technology helps by offering astonishing dynamics, sound-staging and accuracy from an incredibly compact package. The E305 satellite was designed from the start as a single perfectly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet, and drivers working together in harmony. Kef then designed the matching E-2 active subwoofer to make a complete, discrete, stylish and compact 5.1 speaker system that sounds accurate and engaging whether you're playing music or movies.

 Each E305 satellite speaker features an inbuilt integral mount, enabling them to be desk, ceiling or wall mounted very easily.

If a perfectly balanced, seamlessly integrated, high end sleek 5.1 sub/sat system is what you are after - the multi award winning Kef E305 delivers a multi award winning sound that visually integrates easily into nearly any room.

SAVI Systems are one of Perth's Premium Authorised Kef Dealers 
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