Geneva Model L Lifestyle Hi-Fi Music System Ex-Demo

SAVI Systems present the Geneva Model L Sound System

The Geneva Model L All-in-one home stereo is a perfect example of Geneva's philosophy that "Great Sound has Never Looked Better".

Based in Switzerland, Geneva Lab considers both functional simple design and sound quality as equally important. All Geneva products have a refreshingly intuitive balance of style, immaculate build quality, simplicity of use and of course - that amazing sound quality. Geneva Lab products produce true high end sound that is delivered via patented technologies to project beautifully balanced three dimensional sound throughout your room - you always feel part of the music.

SAVI Systems Perth - GENEVA Model L designer sound system

The Geneva Model L is a compact, yet room filling system that allows you to listen to DAB+ Digital Radio, FM radio, your personal CD's,  Wireless Bluetooth (apt-X) for Smartphones and Tablets, AirPlay Wireless for Apple and also two spare analogue inputs for other equipment (such as a Turntable or a Television).

 SAVI Systems Perth - Geneva Model L Walnut Detail

Comprising of 4 internal speakers powered by 4 dedicated low distortion digital amplifiers, the sound of the model L is amazingly full and room filling. A technology Geneva calls "Embracing Sound" allows a dramatically wide soundstage to be liberated from the Model L’s single enclosure, and in terms of punch and drive the L wants for nothing. Voices are expressive, high frequencies sparkle without hardness and the frequency range is well integrated. Wind the volume to antisocial levels and the L gets louder with no loss of composure. The Model L reproduces great music from the deepest bass notes to the highest sparkly treble detail - it's all there.

SAVI Systems Perth - GENEVA Model L (colour options)

The Model L is also accompanied by easy one-touch operation and a clear, large LED status display to let you know information such as volume, bass, treble, input etc. An optional 50cm brushed aluminium floor stand expands the room placement options without ruining the clean, designer look of the system.  

So when sound matters as much as looks - Geneva Labs Switzerland has some great options to please both your eyes and your ears.


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