Fibaro RGBW Controller

RGBW Controller is a plain, inconspicuous cube which allows you to adjust colours in your house the way you want them to be. Whenever you wish to create atmosphere suitable for work, focus or relax, just run the application in your phone or use a voice command, and the light in the room will immediately adjust to your needs. Is there anything better that a sun-filled kitchen on a gloomy, autumn day?

  • Light tone control
  • Light intensity control
  • Power metering
  • 4 source of light control

As your moods and needs change, RGBW will make it possible for you to adjust the colours to them. Surround yourself with atmospheric twilight when you and your family start watching a gripping movie. Fill your bathroom with warm yellows and oranges to transform it into a house spa. Let cosmic blue into your children’s bathroom to make their every evening another space adventure.

RGBW will also help you become an artist-wizard and create your own light patterns. Just choose the appropriate colours, set them in the right order and play with the saturation and you will have exactly the world you have been dreaming about.

RGBW will always let you know how much energy your house has used. It is a valuable tip which allows you to operate your lights so as to minimize energy expenses.

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