The future of Smart Wiring

The future of Smart Wiring

September 11, 2017

Can we just use wireless in our new home?

Do we need to Smart wire today's home? The answer to this does depend on the home and the home owner’s requirements.
We know wireless technology has improved dramatically over the years and allowed us to have the freedom to move around the home without physically being connected. However, as we connect more technology in the home this tends to put more strain on our wireless networking devices impacting both the throughput and ultimately a reliable connection within the home.  

Whilst wireless might seem like a simple & obvious solution today to connect the homes technology, it is not a total solution by itself in most modern homes. It is highly recommended we hard wire devices that will be used to view visual content like the Home theatre, Family or Games room. We also recommend wiring to multiple points spread out around the home to allow for multiple wireless access points to be positioned accordingly to improve coverage and give optimum wireless reliability. Ideally the placement of wireless access points is a planned and calculated approach as many items in the home obscure WiFi signals and can play havoc with the network.

The home network, with a connection to the internet, is one of the most important systems in any home. Unfortunately from our experience relying on the mass market all-in-one router & access point (often supplied by the internet service provider)  provides very poor performance and frustrating results for the home owner. Whilst these all-in-one units provide a connection to the network, not all are created equal.  Commonly we find these all-in one units are placed wherever the internet comes into the home, typically in the front corner of the home. This approach of poor positioning and poor build quality leads to very poor wireless performance, spotty network coverage, devices falling offline, a slow network and the necessity to often reboot network equipment.
Technology manufactures lead us to believe in 5-10 years all electronic devices in the home will have the capability to be connected to the home wireless network. With a little planning and correct equipment choice home owners can .......

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